Executive Search

We are an agile, future-ready executive search firm that helps global and Indian companies hire across functions and levels. We advise on search strategy and then find, assess, and recruit high achieving business leaders into ambitious companies.

Recruitment Analytics & Insights

We enable in-depth, real-time tracking, measuring and analysis of candidate data for efficient decision making by talent search professionals and hiring organisations.

Proprietary Cloud-Based Candidate Management System

We have successfully evolved and implemented a proprietary cloud based HR application that facilitates seamless, transparent and efficient team working in a virtual environment. Real time automated dashboards and in-built analytics tools aid in speedy, bias free decision making, for clients and candidates alike.

Leadership Development

We optimise leadership performance through assessments, personalised recommendations and targeted seminars. We aim to build a culture of high performance by refining vital soft skills to reinforce the technical skills required for excellence.

Strategy Consulting

We offer data-driven insight and operational advice to address top business issues facing firms today including business strategy, process automation, workforce analytics, talent management and HR Strategy.

Business Re-Engineering

We provide strategic advice to founding teams on activities and initiatives that can help firms increase efficiency, maintain profitability and a competitive advantage in today's challenging marketplace.